Multitasking with Media

During school the only time I really multitask is in my music classes. We’ll be listening to one song as a class but I’ll be listening to another on my iPod. The teacher allows it because she appreciates a student who listens to a variety of music. When I’m not in school, I’m usually on Facebook or YouTube. Sometimes I’m on both at the same time but usually it’s one or the other. While blogging this though, I’m listening to YouTube as well as typing. I think I’m effective at multitasking but I’m probably not in all reality based on the video clip we just watched. After watching said clip, I probably will still “multitask” even though it could be hazardous to my education. It won’t kill me to listen to a song at the same time as another. There are consequences to multitasking. according to the video clip we just watched, you are not any good at paying attention to multiple things at once. It becomes more like a fleeting memory of something. It doesn’t stick. Your reactions are delayed to a change of topic and you are better at sticking to one thing at a time. This could create issues for society because it means that people who multitask with media won’t be paying as much attention to what they’re doing in school and the grades will drop. This is the downfall of us.

The iPod multitasking is usually something along the lines of Make a Move vs How Like a Winter


Music Television

MTV advertises all the time, whether it’s for a product or just a certain song. It happens all the time whether you know it or not. I think this is an excellent way of doing it. It is cost efficient and effective. MTV makes its profit off of today’s youth. They have “mooks” and “midriffs.” A mook is a loud, rowdy, obnoxious, male “roll-models” (I use this term loosely). A midriff is a girl that uses her body as a sexual icon to attract attention (put blatantly). I believe that MTV started these fads then the world took them to heart so now that’s just how society is. MTV has changed in the past 12 years in that they no longer show music videos unless it’s Sunday. . . MTV is now all mooks and midriffs. . . I think MTV should try to incorporate more music into the daily airings. Afterall, it is MUSIC television. It would definitely be beneficial to all people.

Product Advertising

Product placement is key in television shows. Sometimes is will be a subconscious thing. Other times, it will be in your face saying, “Hey! Look at me!” I think this method of advertisement is ingenious! It gets your product out to all age groups, all audiences, and it means you don’t have to pay for a commercial.

Everywhere I Go

Everywhere I go, there are magazines, television sets, and news papers. All of them screaming about the latest diet or some celebrity who gained five pounds. The entertainment world today is filled with ways to make people feel uncomfortable with their bodies. In America, many, many people are admitted to special homes to deal with eating disorders and depression. There is so much pressure from the tabloids to look like a super model because that is what’s “beautiful” today. It also shows that you need self modification to make it in today’s society. You have to be skinny to keep your significant other. You have to make a huge deal out of everything just to get noticed.

Self Reflection

Getting interviewed made me feel famous! It was intense! Interviewing someone made me feel like the annoying paparazzi.

The best part of this experience was getting interviewed. It was a blast! The worst part is I was kind of sick…

I learned a lot about my partner from this experience.

If I had to do something over, I would make myself less sick!

My interviewing skills probably will be useful in my future because I plan on being a forensic psychologist.

Banning Books

Have you ever heard of the book And Tango Makes Three? If you have then you know that this small, easy to read children’s book was banned for homosexuality. The book is about two male penguins who fall in love and the zoo keeper gives them an egg to raise. The book was most likely banned because it isn’t appropriate for the age group it targets. I think it is up to the parents of younger children to decide if they don’t want their child reading about it. I can see why they would want to ban the book. I, however, don’t think it should be banned. I believe that parents have the right to tell their child not to read a certain book, but a book should never be banned. I believe the ban was unwarranted. It’s a children’s book about love prospering despite having strayed from the status quo. A little kid wouldn’t be able to pick up on the fact that the penguins are homosexuals. My school has never banned a book as far as I know. It is a fact that my parents have never petitioned to ban a book either. I believe it should be up to the parents, but should only apply to the child of the parents who dissagree.

I Saw it on the News

1) What is NOT news to you?


I’m going to answer this question by describing what news is; that list would be way easier to write. News is the current events in today’s world. Weather, threats to national security, changes in the government (in any country), the economy, etc. Not your dog doing a backflip. Please save that for YouTube.


2) What is the difference between bloggers and journalists?


Bloggers don’t have a set agenda and they don’t have topic specific sections. Journalists are set to specific topics and deadlines. They also get paid for turning in their articles. Bloggers get to sit around and whine about their political views, favorite musicians, and just their lives in general. No one tells them what they can’t say, what they can say, or what they have to write about